Tips & Tricks

1. Practice estimating time to complete tasks. (Start to estimate the timing of little tasks: "3 minutes to cook toast", "12 minutes to walk the dog down the street and back", "9 minutes to set the table".... It will become a fun game and help you get an idea of time in your world.
2. Make checklists and prioritize tasks. (Start you day or your week with a checklist of to dos....List each class and next to it list the assignments due for that day or week. When you complete the task, give yourself a nice little check mark next to the task). I even draw little square boxes next to items that need a checkmark. Easy to look for "to-dos" and an added element of accomplishment (CHECK!) 
3. Keep a daily schedule posted. Get crazy with this! Make your schedule before you go to bed so you know what your intention is when you wake up. Schedule detailed information. For example:
8:00 am Wake up
8:15  Eat breakfast and check emails for any updates
8:45 Brush teeth :)
9:00 Math Class ( now refer to your class checklist so you know what you need to do in math that day)*
9:45 English Class
10:30 Break- eat a snack, stretch, take the dog for a walk
11:00 History Class
11:30 Check emails for updates
12:00 Lunch- Call a friend and check in 
This schedule can be adjusted every day, not everything always goes to plan! Definitely keep an eye on what works and what might need some adjustment.
4. Use a visual timer during working sessions. This helps keep you on track and let you know that you are gaining progress and getting where you need to be in your schedule!
5. Practice what it means to pace yourself..... Not everything has to be done all at once and progress is much more enjoyable than perfection.
HANG IN THERE!  We got this!


Self Care is Key! Here are a few ideas for teens on how to practice self-care..

Self Care for Teens


Patty Wold
School Counselor
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